MasterKey- Week 2

This week I have really been thinking about Self-Sabotage. Why do we do it? It really has come to light to me this week about our subconscious mind and how we re-enforce self-Sabotage even though in our conscious mind we know it will not lead us to where we want to be. We have all heard things about Positive thinking and things like “attitude of gratitude”, but it seems like even when attempting to live with these good attitudes we self-sabotage. This morning my truck broke down. I was furious I had already let my husband know the truck had issues so of course I wanted to call and rant. One of my goals is to improve my marriage, does ranting do that? Absolutely, not! So then by the time the situation was somewhat resolved it was 1pm and I was starved, and justified eating junk. It was a bad day, might as well eat junk. This doesn’t address my PPN of True Health. It seems like once self-sabotage is in motion it is like a wheel and keeps on rolling. I actually was driving along in another truck this evening thinking about my post and realized exactly how I had been self sabotaging all day by repeating to my subconscious that its just a bad day.
At that point I decided to turn my attitude around, do a little reading, and find 10 positive things about the day. I started with the thought that I was thankful my children were not with me when the truck broke down, I broke down in a great place, not only was my mechanic less than 15 minutes away there were people there that had the ability to get my heavily loaded truck out of the road, the list goes on and on. I stopped at one point to get gas and a snack and was on the phone, without really thinking about it I chose a healthy snack (no self-Sabotage!!!). Several other things happened in the next couple of hours that were positive because I reacted with positive attitudes ( no self-sabotage!!)
Its very clear to me that no matter the situation Im in charge of my self sabotaging habits? So it is my job and my job only to decide which wheel is rolling through my day, Positive= Create the life I want or Negative=A day of self-sabotage!


3 thoughts on “MasterKey- Week 2

  1. Jana, I really like your metaphor of the wheel that keeps on rolling through your day. What I like even more is the idea that it’s our choice which wheel we let roll — we can have a beautiful day, a beautiful life, no matter what!


  2. Love this! I’ve noticed myself doing the same thing. I’ve been so much more mindful of where my thoughts travel, what comes out of my mouth and the choices I make. I, too, have True Health as one of my PPN’s and it really helps me make better decisions….go for a quick 30 min run or talk on the phone. Hmmm, I will take the run please!


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